Itโ€™s never a wise idea to spend money on those things which you never need.ย 

Suppose you are a small business and want your online presence then there is a need to give money for payment integration in your website, chat-bots, and all other special functions in your website.ย As a customer, you should hire that designer who fulfills your needs in the best possible way with minimum expenditure.ย 

After the design and development of a website.ย 

So now the question arisesย how much will be cost for MAINTAINENCE of website?ย 

In a website design quote, there are only 3 major costsโ€ฆ.ย 

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Design and Development

Domainย Name:-ย It is the name of your website or the URL of your website. It has fixedย cost,ย the cost of a domain name generally costs around Rs 600 to Rs 1200 per year. You can buy itย formย domain registrars likeย Go Daddy, Big-rock, Name-cheap.ย 

A domainย name is the unique internet fingerprint that can be used only by you.ย 

Other companies can take similar names but your .com (or .in, .org, etc.) belongs to your company. These .com (or .in, .org, etc.) are the extensions which is used only by you.ย 

To ensure rights to this domain name, the name has to be registered annually and factors as a cost. This cost is generally accounted for in the maintenance cost.ย 

Hosting:ย –ย In simple words,ย Youย need a computer calledย a serverย to keep your website file which is always connected to the internet.ย 

In other words, hosting is an online service that enables you to publish your website on the internet.ย 

For this, you need a Hosting Providers (Ex: –ย HostGator, Bluehost, Digital Ocean, etc.)ย 

When you buy a hosting service, you rent some space on a server on which you can store all the files and data necessary for your website to work properly.ย 

These things need to be maintained regularly and on time but these things become headaches for those persons who wonโ€™t have sufficient technical knowledge.ย 

PMC Marketing & Advertisement Solutions gives the

ย ย 

  1. ย Website Updating Service Just on a call or Text.
  2. ย SEO Friendly Optimized Content.
  3. ย Fast and Secure Management and updates of website’s Data.

ย  ย  ย ย ย 

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